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Meeka Meditation

Meeka Meditation Energy Number Line

Numbers are more powerful than many people realize. They are a pivotal tool in the spiritual realm, and they are often used by spiritual leaders, otherwise known as gaurdian angels to communicate with the material world.

Every number or numerical combination hold a unique meaning. Our angels then show us this message through the physical world. We might see the message on the clock, or on a receipt. By understanding the meaning these numbers hold, we can get an understanding of our paths from the spiritual powers.
You can wear the necklace for any meaning you give it, you might have your own understanding or have a number that you really love.  The Meeka Meditation Line is designed by Amelia J. Miller and hand-made in Chicago by Paul Miller. All necklaces are sterling silver, delicate, and made with love.  
(Numbers 0-9 in stock, email for custom number necklaces or rings.)

Meeka Meditation Jewelry Line is designed by Amelia J. Miller. Hand-made with love in Chicago by Paul Miller.

All necklaces are 16" length.
Triple the #, triple the energy, feel your spirit. Namaste!

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