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Where should I park if I am driving to SARAROSE ON OAK?
Street parking is available, and valet service is available through Del Frisco’s. Mention you are shopping at SARAROSE for a discounted rate (advance notice required, please call 773.654.3421 to schedule an appointment).
I’m on Oak street all the time, but I’ve never found SARAROSE ON OAK. Where is it? 
SARAROSE ON OAK is located at 67 E. Oak Street, Suite 5W. We are across the street from Del Frisco’s and Fig & Olive. Ike Behar and Pratesi are the two most recognizable landmarks in our building. Come on in, we are on the fifth floor! 
What are the benefits to wearing a sustainable fabric such as bamboo?
Bamboo is a genuine miracle fabric. Not only does it stay up to three degrees cooler in the summer and three degrees warmer in the winter, it also has antimicrobial properties. Bamboo is a rapid-regeneration plant, and growing it is minimally taxing on the environment. It requires very few pesticides and antibiotics, if any. The end result is a product that feels decadent without the accompanying guilt of many luxury fabrics. 
I feel like I have so many things in my closet, but I don’t know how to wear what I already have! How can I better utilize my wardrobe?
Fear not! Sararose is here to help. Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, and Sararose will guide you through the process of reorganizing your wardrobe and revitalizing your appearance. To schedule an appointment, please call 773.654.3421.
I feel like I have good style and I am happy with my appearance. Why do I need a stylist? 
You can have a great aesthetic, but having a stylist comes with a number of benefits. Having personalized wardrobe attention can help you reutilize existing pieces while giving you an expanded number of ways to wear fewer pieces. For working individuals or event planning, it is particularly useful for organizing and preparing, and can take the hassle out of planning multiple appearances. Most importantly, it reduces the time needed to get ready and the time and money spent shopping for new clothes. 
Isn’t animal friendly and sustainable clothing a bit frumpy and juvenile? 
Not ours! From sexy stilettos to our wide collection of pieces from Stix and Roses, our take on eco-savvy is anything but frumpy. Our greatest compliment we often receive is when clients share with us that they cannot believe our clothes are sustainable, because they look so good! We believe in a lifestyle that is sustainable but very luxurious, and a big part of that is having fabulous clothing. Take a look for yourself! 
What other services are offered at SARAROSE ON OAK?
SARAROSE ON OAK offers custom design for any piece or occasion. Regardless of if you are looking for an original piece or a modification of an existing piece, Sararose is more than happy to tailor a piece to your desire. 
How do I wash my Stix and Roses clothing?
SARAROSE ON OAK recommends a gentle hand wash with a environmentally friendly cleaner such as DoTerra OnGuard natural detergent. Always air dry and steam to remove wrinkles. 

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