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Simply Luxurious Living

Posted on August 14 2015

Dress: White Rainbow Project | Bracelet: Mantra Band | Reading: Grocery Gardening (Jean Ann Van Krevelen)
Simply Luxurious Living

Without a doubt, there is a certain enjoyment we can gain from luxurious material goods and items of status. Societally speaking, we can attest to our human desire for these things just by looking at the financial explosions of the luxury industry worldwide. The very existence of six-figure handbags made from unethical exotic leathers is one of many citations of this fact. As alluring as these things may be, they are equally complicated and often create clutter in one’s life. As a designer and stylist, I have seen it time and again in my client’s closets—they feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing, bags, and accessories that have overtaken their lives! Where is the luxury in this?

Instead, I choose to view luxury as simplicity. Designer Jil Sander once said “I am convinced there can be luxury in simplicity,” and while she interpreted that from an aesthetic standpoint, the quote holds true for production and lifecycle, and how simple goods can reconnect us with the earth. Our mission at Sararose on Oak is to connect you to these sorts of goods. Our newest extension of this philosophy are the new repurposed Sarees we are carrying from White Rainbow Project. Beautifully made with a beautiful purpose, these tunics are perfect for spending time outside with friends, doing yoga, or even wearing out to lunch. Most importantly, an article of clothing such as this is much more meaningful than a mass produced, poorly made garment. Rather, it has a life before you wear it, and can help you find meaning in yours by reconnecting with the earth and incredible fabrics.

This weekend I spent time gardening in my White Rainbow tunic, and got to thinking about how wonderful it is to be in harmony with the earth while still enjoying the material world. It is truly the ultimate luxury to be able to enjoy the clean outdoors and eat foods that are simply from the earth—not a part of the busy humdrum of our daily lives! As I continue to design new pieces in always-eco-savvy textiles, I encourage you to check out our newest pieces from White Rainbow Project, and reconnect yourself to the earth.

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