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Through The Generations

Posted on July 31 2015

Through The Generations
Why do so many people assume that style and age are mutually exclusive? We have all heard a woman say “oh, that dress is beautiful for a younger woman, but not for me.” Ridiculous! A well-designed piece of clothing should be timeless, and more importantly, ageless.
My favorite aesthetic quality of my Stix and Roses collection is that all the pieces work for any generation. The beauty of a Stix and Roses dress is that each piece allows the wearer to make the dress their own, perhaps modifying the hem or accessorizing with interesting jewelry. This week, I was able to capture three different generations of women wearing a few different Stix and Roses pieces. As a designer, it is so flattering to know that such a broad age range can find their sweet spot between ecological consideration and style within a product I’ve created. From 17 to 73, these women all took Stix and Roses dresses and made them their own. While my dresses are inherently classic, each woman took her own unique spin—some opting for transcendent personal jewelry, others accessorizing with trendy pieces from Mat and Nat. The important thing is that each woman made the dress her own. What is especially fun is that the same pieces can work on woman regardless of her age. Sure, the heel height may change with the passing of time, but that does not mean that a mother and a daughter can’t each look beautiful in the same dress!
If nothing else, always remember that age is not a component of style (in fact I feel we often become more stylish as we age). Style is the culmination of understanding who you are and what you want to project, and having the ability to translate that in a material way. It is not necessarily about the clothing you wear, but rather how you wear them. My pride in the Stix and Roses label comes from knowing that a single dress can bring equal joy to women of all ages.


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